What If I Told You…
The Majority of Successful People Became Successful
After The Age of 30?

Are you frustrated, down on yourself, and angry because you feel like you should have accomplished
more by your thirties, forties, fifties, or beyond?

Are you allowing limiting beliefs about age to keep you stuck when you know deep down that you are capable of achieving so much more?

Are you tired of hearing “You’re too old” or “It can’t be done” and you are ready pursue the dreams you have held back for so long?

If you answered yes, then my new book will change your life.

Introducing “Thriving After 30”

Thriving After 30- Because You’re Never Too Old To Be Great!

is a book that was designed to help you tap into your full potential and show you that success has no age limit.

Not only will you be inspired, you will finally have key methods, exercises, and techniques that will show you how to take action towards completely transforming your life.


Because the TRUTH is

You Can Take Charge Of Your Life And Achieve Success….

No Matter How Old You Are!

Within the pages of this book you will learn…

  • The big lie that’s been keeping you stuck for years
  • How to tap into your full potential regardless of your age
  • How to eliminate procrastination, and fear of failure once and for all
  • How I went from low self-esteem to massive success in my thirties and how you can too!
  • A simple but powerful method that will increase your focus and minimize distractions
  • Several key exercises that will take you from rock bottom to your own success story

And much more! 

Want to get a peek inside this AWESOME book?

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    Meiyoko Taylor is a best-selling author, speaker, and celebrity personal development coach.

    For over a decade, he has worked with CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes & industry leading entrepreneurs towards completely transforming your life.  

    He has received wide media coverage and acclaim, including features in SUCCESS Magazine, Readers Digest, Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, BUSTLE, and dozens of other media outlets. 

    Additionally, he is a regular contributor to various top publications and is the co-host of the Art of Winning Show with celebrity ultimate fighter champion Eddie “Truck” Gordon.

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    "Be careful reading this book in public because you might be as vocal as I was! I was constantly saying: “EXACTLY” and “This is what I am talking about” while reading this book in my busy
    office space. "
    Shanna Ferrigno
    Author, Actress, and CEO of Ferrigno Fit
    “At the age of 30 life had just started for me. There is truly no age limit when it comes to success. Work hard, dig deep and success will be on the horizon. I went through ups and downs in my life, but I can honestly say I believe the rest of my life is the best of my life. Whether physically, financially, or spiritually, it has gotten better with time. I can truly say I am in my thirties and I am thriving!”
    Eddie “Truck” Gordon
    NY Emmy Award Winner,
    Best Selling Author, Speaker &
    “The Ultimate Fighter” Champion
    “Thriving After 30 takes off the band aid and addresses the ways we need to heal our cuts. Meiyoko digs deep into figuring out who we are
    and what makes us tick. Not just in one area,
    but in every aspect of our lives. Meiyoko’s messages is articulated in way that makes you think thoroughly, and constantly seek ways on
    how to positively improve your life for
    the better."
    Akeem Hayes
    Olympic Bronze Medalist,
    Motivational Speaker and
    Author of “Fear, Faith & Fruition”
    "The first time I met Coach Meiyoko I knew there was something special about him. As a Personal Development Coach, he possesses a vast amount of emotional intelligence and
    wisdom far exceeding his age. While I’m chronologically in an age bracket older than Coach Meiyoko, that never was a factor and he was instrumental in helping me actualize my full potential. His amazing insight and formidable skills changed the trajectory of my life in multiple ways. This book is simply a reflection of what he teaches and inspires others to do!"
    Beverly Cribbs MSW
    Owner of Bailey Vaughn Consulting,
    and Creator of the “Gift of the Respectful No: Because Boundaries Matter"
    “Meiyoko helped me realize that my potential for greatness wasn’t used up as I originally thought, it was yet to be fully tapped into. He helped me understand my value and now at 44, I continue to push my level of success to new heights. This book will be a turning point for many in the right direction”
    John “Doe Knows” Ellis
    Entrepreneur, Speaker,
    and Master Networker
    "I feel like that after you turn 30, you are funneling through all the crap you’ve accumulated in your life. You start to see the limiting beliefs, opinion of others, and the societal views that have been controlling your life. When you start to tap into your true value and self-worth, life really starts to open up. You will see your goals accomplished more quickly and you will be one step closer to a fulfilling life. I recommend this book for anyone who is on the journey to self-discovery and no longer allows age to be a factor in their level of success."
    Calvin Bonifacio
    Entrepreneur and Creator of GrubonTV

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