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Welcome to Thriving After 30!

When we turn a certain age whether it’s 30, 40, 50, etc, we really go into a state of reflection. We think about all the things we should have done, should have accomplished and it places many people in emotions of frustration or depression.

A lot of people think that they are too old to start a business, too old to pursue their dreams, to find the love of their life, or to be healthier than they’ve ever been.


When I turned the age of thirty eight years ago, I was severely overweight, stuck in a dead end job, and in a bad relationship. I had officially hit rock bottom and I believed that I was passed my prime. I hadn’t accomplished the things that I wanted. I mean it wasn’t pretty at all!

But, the truth is that you are JUST GETTING STARTED. The moment you stop living your life by time table and pursue the things that truly mean the most to you, that’s when your journey begins! 

I am Meiyoko Taylor. I am a Certified Master Life & Emotional Mastery Coach, NLP Practitioner with over a decade of success in coaching, speaking and, most importantly, genuine, in-the-trenches business & life experience.

I am gonna show you that there is nothing that can keep you from truly thriving and becoming successful no matter what your age, background, race or whatever your current situation in life is.


What is Thriving After 30?

It is a  vision… a movement… a revolution to get rid of the age stigma… 

So many people allow the “age stigma” to keep them from success. Other people tell them that they are “too old” to do something or that they should have accomplished certain things in their lives already. They even tell this to themselves. It’s time to for that to STOP.

You think success, perseverance, and opportunity. You know that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. You understand that there is greatness in you and that your gifts, talents, and skills are the solution to a major problem.

It means living your life in pursuit of your FULL POTENTIAL no matter your AGE. Adding value to yourself, your family, and to the world is part of what drives you. It’s in your walk, your talk, your relationships and everything about you. 

It’s time to put all those excuses aside and support one another.

Not only is this my platform. This is your platform as well. I encourage you to participate and be part of something great.

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Thriving After 30: You are never too old to be great!

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Client Reviews

"Coaching sessions and keynote presentations with Meiyoko are TRANSFORMATIONAL! I had reached a point where I felt stuck and was fortunate enough to enroll in one of his programs. The pivotal moment for me was when he helped cultivate my vision and discover my life’s mission as coach. As an entrepreneur, my life and businesses have reached a level of success that I didn’t imagine to be possible."
Shalonda Lee
Award Winning Entrepreneur and Empowerment Coach
"The first time I met Coach Meiyoko I knew there was something special about him. As a Personal Development Coach, he possesses a vast amount of emotional intelligence and wisdom far exceeding his age. While I’m chronologically in an age bracket older than Coach Meiyoko, that never was a factor and he was instrumental in helping me actualize my full potential. His amazing insight and formidable skills changed the trajectory of my life in multiple ways."
Beverly Cribbs MSW
Owner of Bailey Vaughn Consulting, and Creator of the “Gift of the Respectful No: Because Boundaries Matter
“Meiyoko takes off the band aid and addresses the ways we need to heal our cuts. He digs deep into figuring out who we are and what makes us tick. Not just in one area, but in every aspect of our lives. Meiyoko’s messages , audios, and programs are articulated in way that makes you think thoroughly, and constantly seek ways on how to positively improve your life for the better."
Akeem Hayes
Olympic Bronze Medalist, Motivational Speaker and Author of “Fear, Faith & Fruition”

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